Acrylic regular polish Full set $35+ & Fill in $25, standard length

Acrylic gel polish Full set $50+ & Fill in $35- standard length

Ombre Pink & White $70 and up,  Fill In $45 and up, standard length

Dip Powder Nails  $50 Dip mani, Dip Powder w/tips $55, standard length – option with UV LIGHT technique or w/natural activator. Choose your option 

IBD Gel Builder Full set w/tips $65 standard length, $55 w/no tips & Fill in $45 +

– FORM NAILS. price vary on length 

APRES GEL X NAILS $65 SHORT/MED LENGTH, $70 LONG LENGTH, refill w/hard gel $45 + based on length, design vary on price based on complexity. Removal of Apres Nails ONLY $10, Removal +New Apres Nails $5 charge

Nail Design

$3-$10 Per Nail based on complexity